Constructing and operating affordable housing is only one part of community building.  Social services, access to community resources and finding ways to uplift individuals and their families are all key components to building healthy and vibrant communities. 


AHA coordinates the provision of social services in its communities and provides financial, professional and technical support to several social services charities.  These charities partner with AHA to provide services in many of its communities and other disadvantaged communities. 


AHA also supports numerous other public charities with complementary missions that serve the poor and disadvantaged.

Some of our partner charities:
Project Access

Recognizing the need for social services in their communities, Jonathan Webb and William Hirsch founded Project Access in 1999.  Since then, Project Access has grown into an independent social services organization with over sixty community resource centers operating in five states.  AHA has donated millions of dollars and thousands of hours to Project Access.

Community Engagement

Affordable Housing Access founded Community Engagement to stimulate social interaction in communities through socially motivated art practice.   Community Engagement operates a resident artist program which nurtures community by putting artists and residents together to create social impact.  For one year or more, an artist commits to developing collaborative projects with the community's residents.  Community Engagement's artists work in a wide variety of disciplines, so their work spans a great rage of projects, including gardening, oral histories, self-portraiture, glass mosaics, coloring projects and other community enhancing projects. 

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