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Eileen E. Padberg  -  Director

Eileen Padberg is president of Eileen E. Padberg Consulting and has provided issues and crisis communications services to Gladstone International clients since 2012.


Eileen is a highly regarded public affairs and political consultant. She has served as a political consultant and strategist to elected officials at all levels of government, including managing the 1986 campaign of Clint Eastwood for Mayor of Carmel. She served as regional political director of the 1988 George Bush for President campaign for California, Hawaii and Nevada, as well as two statewide ballot campaigns. Locally, she has worked with local real estate developers to manage three recent successful ballot initiatives in the City of San Juan Capistrano.


In addition to political campaigns and initiatives, Eileen has managed strategic planning and corporate communications for some of the nation’s top corporations and organizations.  Her clients include a 6,000-member employee association, law enforcement associations, a high school district, a leading transportation authority, law firms and non-profit organizations.


Eileen has traveled worldwide with a Washington, D.C. organization to provide political training for emerging democracies such as Guatemala, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. She has received many honors for her work to promote leadership opportunities for women. Eileen spent 22 months in Iraq developing and implementing a groundbreaking women’s development program that provided 64,000 career development training hours to more than 1,900 Iraqi women. She created a small business development program that included a data base of more than 300 Iraqi women businesses owners, resulting in over 500 substantial reconstruction-related contracts.

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